NacWorx is the better solution… and possibly the most revolutionary concept in communications since someone put a string between two tin cans.

Introducing NacWorx, a unique combination of the value of a Hosted solution and the solid foundation of a Premise offering. With NacWorx your business communications can truly have its “head in the cloud” and its “feet on the ground”. The NacWorx Managed Hosted solution means there is no major capital up front cost and no installation charges, just like Hosted, without the term contract.  NacWorx also lets you own your own equipment, just like Premise. 

Essentially, you get all the instruments, equipment, software and support you’ll need with none of the cost, risk or aggravation associated with owning and maintaining the system. 

Plus, NacWorx features bottom up architecture—the intelligence is at your site, and the connection is distributed through different types of connections that come into the building at different points.  So even if you lose one connection, your incoming calls, outgoing calls, intercoms, voice mail, paging system, remote communications—your entire tele and data communications system remains fully functional. Plus NacWorx offers significant economic advantages not found elsewhere.

In fact, there are so many other great benefits of the NacWorx Managed Hosted system that they are too numerous to mention. But you can see them by clicking one or both buttons below.